Student Mini Sagas



By HCA Students

Div. 1 Curtis kids worked on mini-sagas, 100 word spooky stories with the theme of “Trapped” to enter into a contest. Here are some examples of their word, just in time for Halloween! This exercise helps students make careful word choices that bring in tone and action.

One dark and mysterious night, Stacy traveled to a train station… the train station, cold and gloomy. she waited for the train, when she felt a cold hand shove her onto the tracks. Shocked and terrified, she wondered who pushed her?!  Suddenly, she heard the loud train bolting towards her. Petrified, she tried to get up. She was frozen in fear and terror. Her heart raced. It was like she was trapped inside her mind, helpless… only feeling fear and horror… the next thing she knew… everything faded into darkness…
by Ryan Melendez 

I saw a monster. I started running. It had huge teeth with big feet and the scariest tongue ever. When I started running it had caught up in 2 steps to my 100 so I tried to shoot it with a bow but I did not have any arrows. I started throwing rocks at it, but that made it mad. So I stopped and hid under a fallen tree. I heard the monster coming and BOOM it ripped the tree out from above me. Then I woke up and realized it was a dream.
by Kenneth Jensen

I bang on the hard wood door. “It’s no use. Sit with me.” The woman in the room whispered, I stop. I tiptoe over. I sit in the cold red chair next to her. The door slams open. 

A clown-like man arches against  the door frame. From the darkness comes soft chuckles. turn The chuckles increase into big laughs. We start shaking in fear.

The clown looking man starts turning the woman’s face into knives, she starts screaming, I still just sit there terrified , I go to the concrete floor and fall asleep near the woman. That was once alive.
By Emmy Foster