The Narwhal Chronicles
March 12, 2021


MARCH, 2021

Next week is the final week of Trimester 2. Best wishes, students, on finishing strong! As the HCA community gets more comfortable using Infinite Campus, you’ll know exactly where to look to see how you or your student is doing.  The best way to get a quick view is to check the “assignments” tab on the left side of the Parent Portal or the Student Portal. This will show you any assignments that are coming due or that are past due.

Also, as we approach the end of our re-enrollment period (next Friday!) and our enrollment lottery (March 26th), you might have some general questions about what school at HCA will look like next year. Three big pieces to be aware of are:

  •  we will definitely be going back to in person learning 5 days a week,
  •  we will keep our current start and end times to the school day, and
  •  we will most likely continue to offer some form of remote learning, though eligibility would be tightened up to a “need to be” basis rather than just a “want to be” basis.

Please feel free to reach out to me with any other questions you might have about school next year. Plus, we will be having some informational meetings for current students and families about next year as we get into Trimester 3.

Many thanks!