The Narwhal Chronicles
April 09, 2021


APRIL, 2021

Dear HCA Students, Families & Friends,

It was heartwarming to see the outpouring of support from HCA and from all the other Maine charter schools this week to our friends in Augusta. The flood of emails sent a powerful message to the legislators and to the DOE – thank you! Also, the members of our community who testified at Wednesday’s hearing were simply amazing. Thank you. 

If you have not yet sent a message, the Education Committee has a work session on Wednesday to review the feedback they’ve gotten. It wouldn’t hurt for them to hear from you as they prepare for that work!  Here’s the link we had shared last week. Also, here is a link to last week’s message for more information about LD604.

Thank you for actively supporting our school and for supporting public school options like HCA in Maine.

Enjoy the weather!