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Whether you’re a curious student, a proactive parent, an outstanding teacher looking for the opportunity of a lifetime, a member of the press, or simply a global citizen seeking information, here’s how to get in touch.

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Important Contacts

Please refer to this list when determining who to contact for different questions or concerns.

Head of School, Mel Christensen Fletcher

Scott is the point of contact for:

  • Academic/ behavior/ school culture issues for Division 1, 2 & 3 students
  • Bus behavior issues
  • 504 plans
  • Enrollment
  • Charter Commission related questions
  • Board of Director related questions
  • Summer Programs

Administrative Assistant, Angie Arndt

Angie is the point of contact for:

  • Attendance and Absences
  • Enrollment and student records requests
  • Daily questions related to student schedules and transportation

Special Education Director, Bonnie Violette

Sue is the point of contact for:

  • Issues related to special education services (please contact your child’s case manager first)

Director of Business, Finance & Operations, Ashley Hyde

The DBFO is the point of contact for:

  • HCA communications; media inquiries and social media accounts
  • Finance-related questions / concerns
  • School lunch accounts, technology fees, dues, and program fees
  • Human Resources, compliance, documentation, and distribution of school policies
  • School Operations – facilities, custodial, transportation, nutrition program

Learning Technology Coordinator, Zach Gagnon

Zach is the point of contact for:

  • Technology questions, in particular student tablets, Chromebooks and peripheral devices

School Nurse, Kim Braley

Kim is contact for:

  • Student health services and records